Imazhi Mëparshëm

Trabucco Ultra Shield Top Kit Hardcase 175

12.500 L

Trabucco XTR Surf Team Rig Storage Box

800 L
Imazhi Tjetër

Trabucco XTR Surf Team Rod & Reel Case

7.200 L

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Madhësia: 16x20x186 cm

The competitive surf casting sector is an important movement in terms of breadth and depth. In other words, there are not only numbers, but also technical depth, and it is undeniable that the Trabucco brand is highly regarded precisely among the most qualified sportsmen.

TRABUCCO’s team of experts and testimonials in this field is unique in Europe, and it is therefore natural that the company’s attention is always high with respect to specific equipment, as evidenced by the development of this important line of TECNICA buffets, very rich in details and carrying a very marked aesthetic imprint, with that combination of black and chartreuse that sends a strong signal to the whole environment. Adopting a waterproof and washable fabric weighing as much as 1,200 deniers, the bags, backpacks and rod sheaths are meant to last. The provision of compartmentalized boxes allows space to be utilized neatly, while the special padding, hard bottoms, handles and shoulder straps, zippers and stitching are crafted with care. On the strength of its resounding success, today the XTR line expands with a number of new products and an interesting family of EVA containers



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