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Tubertini Flox Fluorocarbon

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Shimano Ocea Jigger Master Fluoro

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Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader 50m

3.500 L

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Informacion shtesë


50 m


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Most of the time variety and selection is a good thing. At other times however it can get very frustrating. Which one is the best? Which one suits my application? This is the sort of issue we are now having to face in the fluorocarbon leader market. The market is truly saturated, with all manufacturers purporting to have the thinnest, the strongest, the most abrasion resistance and the most invisible. How does one choose? The answer is simple. Stop searching and reading through the technical specs of the multitude of brands and options and just grab a 50 meter spool of Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader. This is the best of Japanese designed Fluro Leader. They’re crazy about this stuff and have invested the best of their knowhow to ensure we don’t need to deliberate, just simply reach for the best there is.

The soft Fluro core provides excellent knot strength. The core is surrounded by a hard outer shell that provides outstanding abrasion resistance. A further outer layer of fluorine provides the amazingly smooth finish. People will remember the early days of Fluorocarbon leader. Tying knots was like trying to tie a knot in whipper snipper chord. It may well have survived a chainsaw attack but 6lb test had the diameter of winch cable. Leader like this still exists and competes for your hard earned. Best give them a miss. For the most part a lot has change in the Fluorocarbon Leader market and Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader Line has really set the bar very high.

Of course it’s super thin. It doesn’t absorb water and therefore sinks faster. And the fish, well, they can’t see it can they. Shimano Ocea Fluorocarbon Leader Line is perfect for nearly all of your fishing applications. You can throw light weight plastics at Bream, big flesh baits at Yellowfin Tuna or offer live baits to Sail Fish. What’s more, it starts at 4lb test with a maximum of 100lb test. It’s nothing short of perfect.

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